Title: Gram Pocket Scales – Weighing in Big with Consumers

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A review of different uses of digital gram scales and other types of balances.

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What?s no bigger than a flip phone comes in fashion colors and can weigh up to 50 grams with .01g accuracy? Don?t look now, but the traditional jeweler?s traveling scale is all fashioned out and style conscious. Pocket scales, used by jewelers, hunters and field investigators for dozens of uses, have taken the same route that turned cell phones into fashion accessories. You can now buy pocket scales that weigh less than a pound and are the size of a small flip phone ? yet still promise to weigh substances with accuracy up to .01g ? one hundredth of a gram. They come tricked out in camouflage, flames, translucent blue ice and hot baby doll pink. These are not your Uncle Jake?s pocket scales, son.

There are more modern uses for pocket scales as well. Chemists and chefs find them handy for measuring minute, precise amounts of chemicals and ingredients, and according to at least one manufacturer, many law officers now carry a pocket scale with them for a quick preliminary reading on the amount of illegal substances found in searches and traffic stops.

Some of the more unusual and notable features of particular models of pocket scales on the market now include:

A Pocket Beam Balance Scale

One of the most clever pocket scales on the market is American Weighs Twin Beam Pocket Balance. Priced as low as $9.95, it measures up to 7 grams (35 ct) with .05 g (.25 carat) accuracy. No batteries needed ? it?s the only pocket size balance scale on the market.

Blade Pocket Scales

Blade pocket scales feature a retractable digital display that folds into the unit when not in use. They work like a switchblade ? thus their name ? and the unique, innovative design has made them one of the manufacturers? most popular products.

CD Pocket Scales

They look just like a CD ? until you open the cover. Inside is a precision balanced digital scale, accurate to within .01 g. The CD pocket scales are available in a number of covers ? or you can insert your own to fit your CD collection.

Some features to look for when you?re comparing pocket scales include the following:


The capacity is the largest weight which the scale is capable of handling. Accuracy is the smallest increment of weight that the scale will read. A scale with a capacity/accuracy of 7g/.25g will weigh up to 7 grams with accuracy to within one quarter of a gram.


Because you?ll be carrying the scale with you, it?s important to buy one that?s designed with protection of the delicate mechanics in mind. Look for rigid covers that prevent anything from resting on the weighing surface.

Expansion Trays

One of the nicer features of some pocket scales is a cover that doubles as an expansion scale, making it easy to weigh things that are too large for the weighing surface. Expansion trays also mean that dust and residue doesn?t remain on the weighing surface itself ? you just wipe out the expansion tray instead of scraping the surface.

? Ben Anton, 2006

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