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Many newcomers to SEO mistake Google’s PR with Google rankings. This article explains the true meaning of Google PR and how it can be used in Search Engine Optimization.

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PR is a measure of how ?important? a page is (according to Google). For the purpose of this article, I will only discuss PR in the SEO context ? what it means and how to use it.

First things first: PR is not the cause or the result of high rankings.

PR depends mainly on 2 things: Incoming links and traffic. Some SEOs make the mistake of assuming high rankings come as a result of high PR, when in fact high PR is one natural outcome of high rankings.

Better SEO = higher rankings = more traffic = Higher PR

However, the concept behind Google?s PR is crucial when working with External Links (i.e.: incoming) and Internal Links (i.e.: the website?s structure). Every link from A to B is considered as a ?vote of confidence/credibility? from A to B. We can use PR as a physical measurement of how this credibility travels from one URL to the next.

The role of SEO in this case is?

  1. Off-site: to maximise incoming PR by increasing the number of incoming links and the quality of incoming links.
  2. On-site: to harness incoming PR so that none of it is wasted (on broken links) and that most of it is channelled to the most important pages of the website (i.e.: the homepage, main category pages)

To sum up, PR isn?t a factor in SEO, neither is it a direct result of SEO. But the makings of a high-PR website are very similar to those of a high-ranking website. And because of that, the concept of PR can be used to…

  • properly apply linking techniques
  • measure the effectiveness of these techniques

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